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Photographs by Andrew Verschetze



To us, dinner is a real culinary moment. We serve dinner at our long guest table in a convivial atmosphere. (* see 'INFO') Every day, we draw up a four course gastronomic menu with seasonal ingredients, including aperitif and an appropriate choice of wines. Everything is prepared in our open kitchen where curiosity will not be regarded as a vice!
We use mainly meat, fish and shellfish in our dishes as well as a large variety of vegetables. We enjoy the purity in cooking and like to keep as close as we can to the natural taste of the ingredients. We serve a carefully selected and appropriate choice of wines and beverages with every dinner. 

And the copious breakfast should allow you to start off on a new day in the finest of shapes. 

Guest table



Just get started and join us for a cooking workshop, regardless of your current cooking skills. Just discover the joy that cooking and preparing a dinner that will amaze your guests. We propose the following schedule for the entire day:

In the morning, we’ll head off together to buy the best regional ingredients at one of Brittany’s markets, at the fresh fish market and at the colorful vegetable stalls. At noon, we shall enjoy a unique oyster lunch at an oyster farm. Back home, we’ll start the cooking workshop in a very relaxed way. We’ll prepare the evening’s dinner together. We have all the professional kitchen equipment necessary and provide the aprons and recipes. The table will be dressed in a festive manner and we’ll invite you to start serving the dishes which have been prepared. Add a select choice of wines to that and the tasting may begin.

Cooking workshop



You can find our culinary passion in the four cookbooks we have edited and in which we not only present you with lots of recipes, but also some nice anecdotes from our maison d’hôtes, as well as our adventures in Brittany. Unfortunately, these books are only available in Dutch for the time being.

Cooking books
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